Aboriginal Melbourne

The Australian Aborigines are one of the oldest cultures in the world. This tour will show you a number of different aspects of the culture through food, plants, artifacts and museum displays.
The tour begins with a traditional smoking ceremony, some billy tea and a short walk in the gardens highlighting the plants and their uses to the indigenous population.

We then continue to the First Peoples exhibition at the Melbourne Museum to learn about Aborigines throughout Australia their history, culture and integration into non-aboriginal society.
The problems of integration, assimilation and comparison to other indigenous populations will also be discussed.

The tour will also highlight aboriginal visual culture and art and if time allows will visit one of the collections of Aboriginal art.

You should finish the tour with a well rounded understanding of this unique culture.

Pick up at your accommodation or at your ship and travel to the Melbourne Museum.
We will start with the aboriginal heritage walk led by an Aboriginal Australian, have a welcoming ceremony and see and learn about plants used by the first Australians. We will then proceed to an exhibition of Aboriginal heritage to see artifacts and learn about the history, art and culture of the Aborigines both past and present.

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