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    Welcome to Amazing Melbourne Tours. This is a new private only tour business. Shelley and Michelle have been guiding in Melbourne for a combined 25 years. We are both personable and passionate professional tour guides. We feel very lucky to be living in Australia and particularly this city. Melbourne is growing 30 years ahead of predictions and we do understand what all the fuss is about. With this growth, a lot of our infrastructure is currently being upgraded. Unlike Sydney, Melbourne is a planned city. Successfully settled by the British in 1835. In Australia we are known as the;

    • Sporting capital
    • Arts and Cultural Capital
    • Street art city
    • Food capital
    • Fashion capital
    • Coffee capital
    • A literature city of the world
    • A live music city
    • Largest urban tram network in the world
    • And lots more…
    I suggest you come and meet Melbourne.  Many of our favourite things are hidden.  

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